This month Fraction Magazine features the work of Meridel Rubenstein,Thomas Barrow, Betty Hahn, Joel-Peter Witkin, and Timothy Briner!!  Check it out: FRACTION MAGAZINE

Issue 49 – April 2013

From the Editor:
In early 2008, when the idea of Fraction was just coming out, the plan was to always promote artists and photography from New Mexico. There is such a rich photographic history here that it would be hard to ignore.

Many of photography’s masters have come to New Mexico to photograph its beautiful landscape and amazing light. It is hard to resist. Luckily, a few of those masters have stayed and many have had a relationship with the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Van Deren Coke founded the photography program in the 1960’s, creating one of the most well respected graduate programs in the country. Beaumont Newhall and Thomas Barrow began teaching in the program at UNM in the mid 1970’s and Betty Hahn joined the in the early 1980’s.

Along the way, they turned out some rather (now) famous students. Meridel Rubenstein received her MFA in 1977, Joel-Peter Witkin received his MFA in 1986 and Robert ParkeHarrison received his MFA in 1994.

Yes you read this correctly; Thomas Barrow and Betty Hahn were the teachers of Meridel Rubenstein and Joel-Peter Witkin and I am thrilled to show you the work of these four masters who continue to call New Mexico home.

(Also, I would like to thank David Ondrik, Michele Penhall, Katherine Ware and Patricia Lavasseur de la Motte for their time, effort and texts about the artists featured.)

— David Bram, Editor-in-Chief