Eden Turned on Its Side: Photosynthesis 2007-2011

Somewhere between our own culturally specific creation myths and the Big Bang, our planet was born. Out of nothing into something; out of darkness, a first breath. From tightly compacted space to infinite spaciousness. EDEN TURNED ON ITS SIDE: Photosynthesis is a series of extended images that in real space float on large hanging sheets of Fine Art Paper. Intersections of nature and culture are presented in relation to the biosphere and its seasons.

For one year, I photographed at each solstice and equinox, people and trees, at different stages of photosynthesis, trying to support each other. Is it possible to restore any balance between oxygen and carbon, between we humans and the natural world? Or are we prisoners of global greed that is robbing us of our edenic right to clean air, soil, and water?

PHOTOSYNTHESIS is the predominant light recording system that sustains life on earth. Sunlight converts Co2 into sugars releasing energy and nourishment for mainly plant sources known as phototrophs. A by-product of this process is respiration whereby plant sources exhale oxygen that we anthropods inhale while exhaling Co2 for plants in return. This Post-Edenic symbiotic exchange is the subject of these images.

A photograph of a cloud field sits on a computer monitor, upon it a circle is drawn using PHOTOSHOP and then inverted. The opposite of sky is solid earth. Even Photoshop understands first principals. Out of nothing, something. For eons, the ocean of our atmosphere has cradled us. But now, as it thins from carbon emissions and hydro-fluorocarbons, it may not be able to provide life support to our earth. Upon this planet, lots of things are upside down. PHOTOGRAPHY allows particles of light to illuminate our present reality, upside down and backwards, onto our retina, a piece of film or a digital light recording system. It’s the artist’s job to turn things right side up in a different way.